Help FOODBANK feed families!

Every week in Queensland 100,000 people rely on food aid from Foodbank Queensland, with increasing demand. It is not only the homeless or jobless who rely on this assistance – it is the working poor asking for help to feed their young families that is on the rise. Half of these recipients are children – it is hard to believe that 50,000 children go hungry, right on our doorstep!!

How can I get involved?
By purchasing a few extra cans or non-perishable food items while shopping and putting your contributions in the collection cages located at the front of Coles and Aldi/Woolworths.

Where will the food go?
The food will go to Foodbank Queensland and the charities that Foodbank support.

What is Foodbank?
Foodbank is by far, the largest hunger relief organisation in Australia. Last year alone, they provided enough food for over 60 million meals. Foodbank is a non-denominational, non-profit organisation which acts as a pantry to the charities and community groups who feed the hungry.