Queensland Dance Centre is a new, vibrant and dynamic institution based in sunny Brisbane, Australia.

QDC is realised from the vision and dreams of its two founding artistic directors: the incomparable Meng Ningning and the multi-award winning Hao Bin.

These founding principals have brought to QDC their lifetime of push, practice and passion as professional ballet dancers on the international stage to create a school offering a world-class experience and one of the best safe, joyous and highly effective learning environments available.

Building upon its strong supporting faculty and top-of-the-range purpose-built premises, QDC offers both General Life Dancing programs and One-on-One Coaching and is uniquely positioned to cater to the needs of everyone: from the beginning starlet to seasoned professional.

Visit Us! Take the time to explore one of our two studios and what we have to offer. Whether you are a serious devotee of the fine art of ballet or “seriously into” hip hop, you are sure to find a second-to-none experience as a student at QDC.